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What people say about me

Rachel Sylvester, Times Columnist and Chair of The Times Health Commission

“I worked closely with Claire for a year on The Times Health Commission, where her policy advice, wisdom and news judgement were all invaluable. She is smart and sensible with a brilliant ability to explain complicated subjects in a clear and concise way.

"Claire is a good writer, calm under pressure and highly adaptable, able to move seamlessly between producing a radio script, writing a newspaper article, drafting a speech, organising an evidence session and honing policy ideas all without any drama. There is a reason why her excellent science contacts clearly trust and respect her.”

Professor Sir Robert Lechler, former President of the Academy of Medical Sciences 

"Claire has a rare talent for writing, she is able to articulate what researchers want to get across in a clear and compelling way."

Fiona Fox, Chief Executive of the UK Science Media Centre

“Claire really understands scientists and the world they live in and can translate their views into high-quality media coverage. When we work with her we know she will have left no stone unturned preparing scientists for speaking to journalists – which is why she gets such great results.


“Claire is brave, principled and has fantastic judgement – which is an asset to science. She has made a real difference to the organisations and scientists she has worked with.”

Jenny Hope, former Daily Mail Medical Correspondent and media trainer and co-partner of RNA Media

“I have known Claire for many years and she really understands what journalists need from scientists. Claire’s ability to rapidly digest policy reports and scientific research is underpinned by an impeccable instinct for a story. She is a true professional who works hard to enable all parties to identify what we want and help us achieve it, even in the most challenging circumstances!”

Dr Rachel Quinn, Director of Medical Science Policy at the Academy of Medical Sciences

“Claire is able to communicate complicated science and health policy in a way that attracts attention from the media, policy makers and the public. She takes time to understand the way a policy report or position was developed and to get to grips with any red lines or controversies. Having a good grasp of how policy might be received externally also means she can head off reputational risks and comprehensively brief spokespeople.”

Richard Hoey, Director of Communications and Policy at The Institute of Cancer Research, London

"Claire is a brilliant science communication professional who marries a passion for science with the writing talent to inspire excitement in others. She also understands the parallel words of science and the media, and is able to anticipate controversy and address the potential for misunderstanding. I've been privileged to work closely with Claire before, and wouldn't hesitate to do so again."

Tom Feilden, Science correspondent for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme speaking about my role as Head of Mental Health at the Science Media Centre

“Despite being such an important part of the health care agenda, mental health is often overlooked by the mainstream media. Claire Bithell’s tireless efforts behind the scenes at the SMC have helped us address that problem on the Today programme. We certainly wouldn’t be up for a Mind Media Award without her.”

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